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I am Living Trust

Changing lives, creating opportunies: The I Am Living Trust is non-profit initiative by the people of Loxton, focused on the disadvantaged children of our town.

Feeding schemes, a reading programme, better education through adequate numbers of teachers and classrooms, special projects to stimulate, motivate and educate our children - these are our priorities.

The box (right) shows our specific goals for 2010, but to reach them:


Warm feet in the cold winter

shoes for the kids

If the shoe fits

In the bitter cold winter of 2011 - with the heaviest snowfalls in decades in the Bo-Karoo- the I am Living Trust stepped in to ensure that every pupil had a pair of shoes to wear to school.


What we have achieved

Food for thought

Our food program ensures one square meal a day for every child, 365 days of the year Watch the video to see how it happens.

(We have also started a vegetable garden for the program, and expect our first crop soon ...)


We need your help

In January 2010,the I Am Living Trust was created by the Loxton community. It is a non-profit entity, with the following objectives:

We want to create an environment in which the pupils and former pupils of the JJ Booysen Primary School, and disadvantaged members of the Loxton community, can rise above their circumstances.

We want to achieve this by creating opportunities, amenities, actions and projects which would:

  • Enable them to excel academically, and realise their full potential.
  • Provide special care to those learners who need it.
  • Enable enriching educational and motivatitional field trips.
  • Provide opportunities to pupils and former pupils to participate and excel in other areas, such as sport, culture and life skills.
  • Fill the substantial gaps in existing learning materials, teaching aids, school amenities and facilities.
  • Appoint additional personnel for education, social, medical and soup kitchen care.
  • Create a successful and healthy school, in a successful and healthy community.

Why are we doing this?

In a socio-economic environment of expreme poverty, and unemployment of more than 50%, parents of pupils simply cannot afford to make a contribution.

And the circumstances are dire: Up to 60 children per class, only five reading books per class, too few classrooms, no library, no sports facilities, no transport, badly degraded buildings and bathrooms ...

A reaction we often get, is "Why isn't government helping?" Or "It's the responsibility of the authorties".

The fact is, government is helping, but the auhorities have thousands of schools across South Africa to subsidise and upgrade, and simply too small a budget to provide in all the needs. We believe we share in the responsibility to build and develop our country, and to create opportunities and a better future for our children. That is why we have created the "I Am Living Trust"

And, although we are working around the clock to raise money for the trust, Loxton is simply too small and impoverished a community to do it on our own. That's why we are asking you to invest in our children:

How You Can Make a Difference:

In the panel on the right, you will see our projects and goals for 2010. In order to meet our targets, your financial contribution will make a world of difference. If you are able to help in this way, please contact us for banking details.

But we also need books, urgently. So, if you have old children's books, encyclopedias, any Afrikaans literature, in fact any books you think might be useful to children bwtween the ages of 6 and 14, please send them to us at:
I Am Living Trust,
P.O. Box 23,
Republic of South Africa

Thank you very much.